Product Testing

Ezi Aluminium Systems have carried out comprehensive testing at an independent National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited and Australian Window Association (AWA) endorsed testing facility, exceeding the compliance requirements of Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1288, AS4055, and AS4586. Testing conducted include, deflection, water penetration, operating forces, air infiltration, energy rating, acoustics and wet pendulum slip resistance.

Test result examples:

Our ENOVATION 50mm Sliding Window tested at 290 pascals of water penetration resistance with the standard sill, and 650 pascals using our high capacity sill and sub sill. Air infiltration testing at 75 pascals was 0.00 L.per sq.M positive and 0.13 L.per sq.M negative. Not only is it weatherable to heavy rainfall, it also helps reduce energy costs when using air conditioning by preventing the transference of ambient internal conditions to the outside giving you more control over comfort levels inside the room.

Our COMMERCE 150mm Centre Glazed System was tested at 1500 pascals water penetration resistance, and the 150mm Front Glazed System at 1200 pascals. Both systems were tested using dry glazed methods without the use of any sealants proving superior design performance capable of withstanding torrential weather conditions. The test results prove that our systems are superior and all tested systems carried out are configured in line with the support literature supplied for each individual system without tampering.

At Ezial, it’s vital that we provide our customers with reliable systems that are tested and certified to comply with Australian Standards. We consistently deliver high performance systems that exceed expectations striving to enhance functional performance and customer lifestyles.