Enovation Range

Sliding Window
Sliding Window View
Apartment Sliding Window
Apartment Sliding Window View
Apartment Sliding Door
Apartment Sliding Door View
30mm Sliding Door
30mm Sliding Door View
Commercial 40mm Sliding Door
Commercial 40mm Sliding Door View
Awning Window / Casement
Awning Window / Casement View
Cyclops Awning / Casement Multi-Point Locking System
Cyclops Awning / Casement Multi-Point Locking System View
Double Hung
Double Hung View
Operable Louvre
Operable Louvre View
Gas Strut Window
Gas Strut Window View

Entry Door Sets

Our Enovation Domestic Front Entry System creates a modern look, ensuring a secure welcoming entrance replacing the traditional hardwood timber entry frame, giving a maintenance-free option.

Unlike hardwood timber entry frames, the Enovation Front Entry System enables 100% weatherability. With the introduction of the bottom sill and the use of Santoprene seals also greatly enhances acoustic performance. With our 140mm Frame you have the choice of using either 40mm or 45mm Aluminium doors or 38mm/40mm timber doors. The doors can be configured as either inward or outward opening. A myriad of sidelight and highlight options are available such as Double Hung Windows, Operable Louvre Windows or Fixed Lights. The frame of the Enovation Front Entry System provides the ability to be completed with screen or security doors.

As opposed to timber, the Enovation Front Entry System is low maintenance and can be powdercoated, anodised or timber look finished to complement the aluminium windows and doors throughout the building envelope, ensuring the same finish right through the home.



Can be coupled with Double Hung, Operable Louvre or Fixed Lights
Inward or Outward opening configurations
Insect and security screening alternatives are available


Maintenance Free
Greater Acoustic Performance
Robust Aluminium Alternative to timber front entry system with full perimeter seals
Can be used with 45mm and 40mm Aluminium doors or 38mm/40mm Timber doors
Glazing options up to 13.5mm Single Glazed



CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES (viewed from outside)

Frame Size

Stile Sizes
50, 62, 68, 113mm x 45mm

Rail Sizes
70, 83, 115mm x 45mm

Midrail Sizes
50, 123, 200mm x 45mm

Glazing Range
5mm - 13.5mm (16.2mm pocket)
13mm - 30mm (34.2mm pocket)

Maximum Panel Size
3200mm high x 1500mm wide

Depicted above are a selection of configuration examples. Thanks to our modular design, there are many other possible configurations available.

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