Commerce Range

Centre Glaze
Centre Glaze View
Front Glaze
Front Glaze View
Front Double Glaze
Front Double Glaze View
Stackable Front Glaze
Stackable Front Glaze View
45mm Commercial Door
45mm Commercial Door View
Fixed Louvre
Fixed Louvre View
Subframing View

45mm Commercial Door

The 45mm Commercial Door is our most robust door that we offer throughout our Ezial range. It has specifically been designed to fit shopfronts, offices and other exposed commercial settings. The Commercial Door combines and adapts to all systems in the Commerce range which can be applied as lowlights, highlights, and sidelights, providing essential convenience and versatility. Incorporated with Flush pocket glazing with horizontal glazing beads on one side only, enhances appearance and security while lowering manufacturing costs. Can be configured as hinged, pivoting or sliding to meet varied project specifications.

Designed to Comply with Australian Standards AS1170, AS1288, AS2047 and AS4055


Can be configured as hinged, pivoting, or sliding
Top of bottom rolling for sliding configurations
Automatic operator for Sliding Doors
Single or double glazing
Combinational adaptability with various systems across our entire Ezial range
Incorporated with highlights, lowlights, and sidelights


Flush pocket glazing
Evolutionary direct clamping system, allowing rails and midrails to be easily positioned
No processing of the stiles
Simple and efficient fabrication
Ezi-Seal technology for effective insulation, acoustics, and weather durability
High performance ball bearing rollers for smooth and effortless functionality
Compatible with a wide array of quality hardware



CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES (viewed from outside)

Frame Sizes
100mm, 101.6mm, 150mm

Stile Sizes
50, 62, 68, 113mm x 45mm

Rail Sizes
70, 83, 115mm x 45mm

Midrail Sizes
50, 123, 200mm x 45mm

Maximum Panel Size
3200mm high x 1500mm wide (hinged/pivot)
3200mm high x 3000mm wide (sliding)

Maximum Panel Weight
300kgs (sliding)

Maximum No. of Panels

Glazing Range
5mm - 13.5mm (16.2mm pocket)
13mm - 30mm (34.2mm pocket)

Depicted above are a selection of configuration examples. Thanks to our modular design, there are many other possible configurations available.


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