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Centre Glaze
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Front Glaze
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Front Double Glaze
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Stackable Front Glaze
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45mm Commercial Door
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Fixed Louvre
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Here at Ezi Aluminium Systems, we offer a wide array of Subframing options designed to complement our entire range of Commercial Glazing suites. Two part Subjambs can be fitted along with Subheads and Subsills as part of the pre-framing process, allowing other trades to proceed on site without delays to the project schedule, therefore delivering more efficiency and flexibility for fitting windows/doors between manufacturers and their clients. By incorporating Subframes, it allows our systems to be fitted perfectly parallel providing an immaculate finish. Additionally, it enhances the window’s thermal and acoustic insulation as well as preventing the windows from getting damaged during fitting procedures.

Designed to Comply with Australian Standards AS1170, AS1288, AS2047 and AS4055


Subframing options are available for our entire Ezial range
Standard, Heavy Duty and Multiple Extended Leg Subsills
Complete or two-piece Subheads
Two part Subjambs
Standard or heavy duty sections
Santoprene pvc co-extruded baffle
Shielding drain slots for controlled weather management


Snap-in beads for efficient and immaculate fitting
Ensures perfectly square fittings
Prevents the window/door from getting damaged during fittings
Improves the window’s thermal and acoustic insulation
Whisker seals and sill baffles for enhanced weatherability

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