Enovation Range

Sliding Window
Sliding Window View
Apartment Sliding Window
Apartment Sliding Window View
Apartment Sliding Door
Apartment Sliding Door View
30mm Sliding Door
30mm Sliding Door View
Commercial 40mm Sliding Door
Commercial 40mm Sliding Door View
Awning Window / Casement
Awning Window / Casement View
Cyclops Awning / Casement Multi-Point Locking System
Cyclops Awning / Casement Multi-Point Locking System View
Double Hung
Double Hung View
Operable Louvre
Operable Louvre View
Gas Strut Window
Gas Strut Window View

Sliding Window

The Enovation Sliding Window is very popular. With a superb balance of cost, durability, and functionality, validates why our customers continue to purchase our Sliding Window System. Specifically designed to avoid projecting into walkways ensuring a hazardless and space conservative environment, without disrupting access of light and airflow into buildings. Incorporated with Ezi-Seal technology, efficiently insulates and minimises the necessity of air-conditioning systems which not only makes it economical but also environmentally friendly.

Designed to Comply with Australian Standards AS1170, AS1288, AS2047 and AS4055


Versatile configuration range
Heavy duty components for high wind load areas
Wide array of glazing options
Soft curved light to heavy duty mullions & transoms


No internal unsightly protrusions
Smooth finished edges for safety
High performance fin seals to effectively insulate and reduce noise
Enhances light and ventilation
Ezi-Slide ball bearing roller for smooth and effortless functionality
Screening provisions and key operable sash locks for optimum security
NATA tested and accredited



CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES (viewed from outside)

Frame Size
50mm, 65mm, 101.6mm, 150mm

Max. Opening Size
1500mm high x 4500mm wide

Maximum Sash Size
1500mm high x 1500mm wide

Maximum Sash Weight

Maximum No. of Sashes

Glazing Range
4mm - 8.38mm

Depicted above are a selection of configuration examples. Thanks to our modular design, there are many other possible configurations available.


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