Commerce Range

Centre Glaze
Centre Glaze View
Front Glaze
Front Glaze View
Front Double Glaze
Front Double Glaze View
Stackable Front Glaze
Stackable Front Glaze View
45mm Commercial Door
45mm Commercial Door View
Fixed Louvre
Fixed Louvre View
Subframing View

Front Glaze

When the project design calls for a flush glass fa├žade, the Front Glaze System from our Commerce range is the answer. Ideal for low, to high rise curtain walls, shopfronts, architectural applications, as well as for sloping atrium applications. designed with clean lines and precise square cuts, truly provide exceptional architectural aesthetics. Our system delivers profound enhancements such as pre-slotted self-draining transoms and sills, as well as concealed drainage pockets for optimal weatherability. The Front Glaze System also encourages reduction in labour through efficient fabrication by incorporating the use of a captive wedge, as well as straight cutting.

Designed to Comply with Australian Standards AS1170, AS1288, AS2047 and AS4055


Subframing for exposed areas
Combinational adaptability with various systems across our entire Ezial range
Incorporated as highlights, lowlights, and sidelights
Mullion splicing for enhanced strength and durability
Internal, external or structurally bonded glazing


Reduced labour costs with the use of a captive wedge
Simple and efficient fabrication with the use of straight cutting
Self-draining sills and transom designs enhancing water management and weatherability
Ezi-Seal technology for effective insulation, acoustics, and weather durability



CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES (viewed from outside)

Frame Sizes
100mm, 150mm

Maximum Frame Size (single)
6000mm high x 3000mm wide

Maximum No. of Frames

Glazing Range
5mm - 13.5mm

Depicted above are a selection of configuration examples. Thanks to our modular design, there are many other possible configurations available.


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