Our Xclusive service offers a comprehensive selection of aluminium profiles that can accommodate for virtually any type of project utilising aluminium. From your standard geometric shapes, to your specialised options including balustrades, louvre blades, screening and fencing, home accessories, sign frames, marine and transport, you name it, our Xclusive service has it covered. We also provide a wide range of alloys and tempers as well as optional anodising or powder coating to your discretion. Sourced locally and manufactured from Australian made extrusion presses, our Xclusive service can cater any specific needs from simple to complex, complemented with affordable competitive pricing. Not only do we go above and beyond with service and assistance for our customers, we help recommend and guide you to choosing the best alternative for your project. Combined with over 150 years of experience in aluminium design, supply, and distribution, has enabled us to develop an organisation, that can provide practical solutions, for the versatile market of aluminium applications. Our Xclusive list of current profiles is continuously changing, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries regarding shapes not currently in the catalogue. We strive to continually improve and develop our current extrusion product ranges and procedures to ensure we consistently conform to the highest quality standards exclusive to you, the customer.