Commerce Range

Centre Glaze
Centre Glaze View
Front Glaze
Front Glaze View
Front Double Glaze
Front Double Glaze View
Stackable Front Glaze
Stackable Front Glaze View
45mm Commercial Door
45mm Commercial Door View
Fixed Louvre
Fixed Louvre View
Subframing View

Fixed Louvre

In today’s world, global warming is becoming an increasing issue as we continue to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from our everyday lives. Fixed Louvres from our Commerce range provide an effective ventilation solution, where it enables constant airflow and breeze to circulate the indoors. Utilising the cool breeze offered by nature as an alternative to cooling systems, is a great way to reduce greenhouse emissions and to contribute towards sustaining the environment. Fixed Louvres are fast becoming a design feature in many modern buildings as it provides the perfect balance of being environmentally friendly and architecturally stylish. Ideal for car parks, offices, schools and plant rooms.


Combinational adaptability with various systems across our entire Ezial range
Incorporated as highlights, lowlights, and sidelights
Blades can be fixed vertically or horizontally
Range of framing and blade options (including elliptical blades)


Effective ventilation
Energy efficient
Controls sunlight and heat
Architecturally stylish
Additional privacy


(viewed from the outside)

Depicted above are a selection of common configurations. Thanks to our modular design, there are many other possible configurations available.



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